About me

I am an experienced foreign correspondent who has covered conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Gaza and the Philippines.

My work goes beyond the frontline to include the impact of war on societies, communities and individuals.

My reports reflect my deep interest in social issues and politics. For example, on the rights of LGBT people in Uganda, or the emergence of the QAnon conspiracy theory in Germany.

I write in English and German and shoot with a Sony Alpha 7.

I have worked as a producer for ITV News and as a researcher for the Washington Post in Germany. In the United Arab Emirates I was an oil and gas reporter and later found my way into journalism as a finance and business reporter in London.

I have an undergraduate and masters degrees from UCL, one of the UK’s top universities, and got a taste of living abroad growing up in colonial Hong Kong.

Before moving back to Germany, I have lived in Iraq where I covered the war against ISIS. Back in Berlin, I do freelance work for several outlets, and write and edit video reports as a desk reporter for DW News, a German international TV News channel.